Thursday, February 14, 2013

How To Build A Boat

How To Build A Boat

So you want to know how to build a boat? Well, that isn’t that easy to explain in one simple blog post but I have found a great resource for giving you all the help and inspiration you need in learning have to make a boat.  It is called and the guy behind it is Martin Reid, a Master Boat Builder with the AmericanBoatbuilders Association. is a massive resource that has over 40 videos, 500 pages of information on how to build a boat for beginners and intermediates alike, and an absolutely stunning number of boat plans – 518 at its present count!  That is a hell of a lot of information!

So what is it exactly?

The compendium has brilliant video lessons on building boats for beginners and has wonderfully detailed step by step instructions and blueprints for tons of boats.  Currently it includes 518 different designs!
The course is really easy to follow and Martin, the author explains everything in really simple terms so anyone can build their own boat, whether it is a complex design such as a cabin cruiser or a simple one man kayak.  Whatever boat you wish to build, Martin provides you the ultimate resource.

Now, lets talk a little bit about the positive aspects of Martins wonderful product;

Tons Of Great Boat Plans and Designs To Help You Get Started On Your Boat Building Journey

The first is probably the sheer number of designs you can choose from, all with extremely detailed diagrams and instructions.  And it is not just a case of having one design for each boat type – many have multiple blueprints and designs so you have a ton of choice, whether you want to build a flat bottom boat or a full on houseboat!

Huge Collection Of High Quality Boat Building Video Material

Another hugely impressive part is the sheer number of high quality videos that Martin has recorded for you.  If, like me, you learn better from watching and then doing, rather than reading in a book then these videos are truely unbeatable as they leave nothing to the imagination.  Martin guides you through the whole project – from choosing a boat design all the way through to the finished article.  For guys who have never built a boat before, it makes it super easy.  For more experience people, there are plenty of videos on how to repair boats and also what kind of calculations you need when designing your vessel.

Extra Bonus Items Give You All The Skills You Need To Build A Boat

Not only do you get all these videos and blueprints, you also get some really high quality bonus items.  They are an absolutely enormous boat builders handbook, a really detailed boat construction tips book and even some boat designing software which are all absolutely FREE with the product.

Huge 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

Another great thing about Martins work is that he fully believes in it because of that he offers a full 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee!  Now that is a solid warranty and the sign of someone who knows what kind of value they offer to their customers!

Okay, whilst all that is wonderful and great, I do have a few things that are a bit of a pain.

The first is that there are only 20 mega yacht designs.  Now, that would seem a lot to a beginner, or even intermediate boat builder, but for some of the more expert guys that may be too few.  Your mileage may vary...

The other thing is that I have quite slow internet and the package is huge so it took a while to download everything.  900 megabytes of data down a slow internet pipe can be excruciating.  Saying that, I should learn a bit of patience and probably remember that I can only watch one video, or read one book at a time, no matter how excited I get!  There is another option of buying a DVD edition and getting it sent through the post too so there are options to overcome this minor problem.

For those guys who are looking to build a boat, you will not find a better collection, or a better teacher anywhere.  It feels like Martin is right there with you, guiding you every step of the way and not leaving any stone unturned on your journey.  If you want to know how to build a boat, I have not seen any better product available.